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We have a lot of children in the world. But it is true that all of us are also children even if we have already grown up, because we have our mother and father of our own. All beings are children in the world.
It is our invariable hope that all children in the world should be able to live and grow up soundly filled their heart with love and mercy. That is why we produce the various kind of books. We convince that this hope is not only ours but also the one common to those who loves children in the world.
The number of titles we publish is more than 50 a year. Some of them - story picture books , science picture books or books on the Buddhism - have been translated and read in various countries now.

Thank you.


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  A present from the tree

Emiko Ohashi
Illustrated by
 Yaeko Takami

A family of squirrels lives in a tree. When it didn't rain at all, they suffered from lack of water. What did the tree do for them? A story which tells the importance of life.


Where are you?

Jiro Morohara

A boy and animals play hide and seek.Wow! There are many abbits...... Can you find a real one?
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