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History of Suzuki Publishing Co., Ltd.
1954 Contracted with Walt Diseny Production and started our publishing activity for various fields.
1958 Our products got good achievement. And the picture books planned by us had occupied 40% in the market of Japan.
1963 Started the publishing concerning with the education and culture for pre-school children in order to fill their hearts with mercy and love.
1965 Prepared the direct selling network for kindergartens all over Japan.
1966 Produced 50 picture books for the kindergaren and home.
1967 Started the publication 'Kodomo no Kuni ( Monthly Children's Wonderland)' , the monthly story picture book for the kindergarten
1969 Also started the publication 'Shizen no Kuni ( Monthly Children's Nature-land )', the monthly science picture book for kindergarten
1974 Produced 'The picture (game) cards for learning basic words' , as the association development together with Dr. Shozo Muraishi, the chief director of the national institute of Japanese language education.
1982 Started the publication of 'The Encyclopedia of the folk tales and literature on the Buddhism (40 vols.)' ,which won the first prize in translated publication awards of Japan in 1986.
1987 Started publishing the picture book collection, 'Kodomo no Kuni (Monthly Children's Wonderland ) Tanpopo (dandelion) series' aged from 2 to 3.
1989 Started producing The 108 series of comics on the Buddhism 'The comprehensive guide book in order to experience the Buddhism and Buddhist life'
1991 Produced 'The new picture game cards for learning basic words' .
Started publishing the picture book collection, 'Kodomo no Kuni (Monthly Children's Wonderland ) 'Churippu (tulip) series' aged from 3 to 4 , and 'Kodomo no Kuni (Monthly Children's Wonderland ) Himawari (sunflower) series' aged from 4 to 6.
1992 Produced 'The word game cards for learning Japanese '
Produced the religious guide book selection , 'How to learn The Scriptures all over the world (7 vols.).'
Produced the cultural selection surveyed from Buddhism, 'Mandala books (15 vols.) '.
1996 Produced the science picture books , 'Wonder-books of Foods (5 vols.)'
Produced ' The Dictionary on the Kindergarten'
Started publishing the science picture books collection, ' Let's look into the nature'
1997 Completed 'The series of comics on the Buddhism (108 Vols.)', the comprehensive guide book in order to experience the Buddhism'
Started the participating in Frankfurt Book Fair
Started the participating in Bologna Children's Book Fair
The number of requests for publishing from all over the world has been increasing more than ever.
1998 We celebrate the 25th anniversary of our monthly picture books 'Churippu (tulip) series'
2002 We celebrated the 35th anniversary of “Kodomo no Kuni”
2003 Started the publication of the large size picture book “Cat And Three Rats” “Brother Shell Chick”
“Kodomo no kuni” was published the 1000th in September.
Korean edition of “Kodomo no Kuni” has started publishing.
2005 Launched Japanese edition of "Hitler’s daughter", marketing into translation reading books.
In the following year, this Japanese edition was awarded by Sankei Shinbun which is one of major news papers in Japan.
2007 Published the picture book “Ojiichan no Gokuraku Gokuraku” having regard for importance of life.
In the following year, Japanese School Library Association designated this picture book as the reading book for homework assignment all elementary schools in Japan and overseas Japanese schools.
2008 Publication of the “Translation Picture Book Series” was started.
Launched first series of the translation picture book in December.
One is "Everywhere the Cow says Moo" being translated by Mr. Kaishi KATSURA. Mr. Kaishi KATSURA is the premier performer of RAKUGO (Traditional Japanese comedy) in English.
The other is "Henry's Freedom Box" being published by Scholastic Inc. originally.
Japanese text is completed by Mr.Shigeki CHIBA.

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  A present from the tree

Emiko Ohashi
Illustrated by
 Yaeko Takami

A family of squirrels lives in a tree. When it didn't rain at all, they suffered from lack of water. What did the tree do for them? A story which tells the importance of life.


Where are you?

Jiro Morohara

A boy and animals play hide and seek.Wow! There are many abbits...... Can you find a real one?
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