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Enjoy Taking A Bath!
Written and Illustrated by Seiichi Takabe

"Churripu (Tulip) Series" age:3-4
27.9 X 20.7 cm 24pages
First printed in July 1995

Hello, aunt hen, can you take a bath with me? Sure, your precious eggs together. My mom always says that I have to have a soak up to my shoulder-depth in the hot water until my body becomes warm from inside. So let's do so. Are you and your eggs warm enough? Oops, chicks are coming out of the shells! ...Hi, little kitten, let's take a bath! Come on! Why not? Oh, I see, you don't like taking a bath. OK, you stay on the lid of the bath tab...Hi, doggy, join me in taking a bath. Ugh, don't swim in the bath...Hello Mr. elephant, would you mind taking a bath with me? Please come in, I'm going out of the bath to make room for you...
Hello, all the friends, why don't we go to a bathhouse together and enjoy taking a bath in the big bath tab?

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