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What's Your Rush?
Bun Makino

"Churripu (Tulip) Series" age:3-4
27.9 X 20.7 cm 24pages
First printed in May 2003

Savannah is home to variety of animals. You can see lions, elephants, flamingos, cheetahs, rabbits, and rhinos. They are having meals, sleeping, playing around or bathing in mud. With sunshine and breeze, it's very peaceful and quiet here.
Who's that, rushing in the field at an unbelievable speed? Oh, that is the mother boar! She doesn't care running in front of the lion family! "Sorry to disturb you, but time is up!" She is even faster than cheetahs. "Make way, please". "What's your rush?" says everybody. " "Sorry I have no time to explain". She rushes without stopping, ignoring all the questions.
What is the reason of her rushing? To escape from a predator? To hunt small animals? You will know the answer when you have read through to the last page of this book.

Rights Sold : Korea

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  A present from the tree

Emiko Ohashi
Illustrated by
 Yaeko Takami

A family of squirrels lives in a tree. When it didn't rain at all, they suffered from lack of water. What did the tree do for them? A story which tells the importance of life.


Where are you?

Jiro Morohara

A boy and animals play hide and seek.Wow! There are many abbits...... Can you find a real one?
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