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A Naughty Chameleon
Katsura Inatsugu
Illustrated by Ryosuke Nenooka

"Churripu (Tulip) Series" age:3-4
27.9 X 20.7 cm 24pages
First printed in April 2003

Chameleons change their body-color in accordance with the environment gradually and slowly. On green leaves, they turn into green and, when they move to the tree trunk, turn into the color of the trunk. It helps them to have themselves be invisible and is a means to protect themselves from fearsome predators.
Here comes a band of chameleons. They are a teacher and students. The teacher is telling the students how to camouflage themselves into the background. "Be careful. Don't rush. You should take time to change the color". But one of the students is not listening. He is just looking for insects to eat and don't pay attention to what the teacher is telling. Now he is alone down on the green ground with his brown body. Watch it! A bird has found him and now is swooping down to him. Can the chameleons help him?

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  A present from the tree

Emiko Ohashi
Illustrated by
 Yaeko Takami

A family of squirrels lives in a tree. When it didn't rain at all, they suffered from lack of water. What did the tree do for them? A story which tells the importance of life.


Where are you?

Jiro Morohara

A boy and animals play hide and seek.Wow! There are many abbits...... Can you find a real one?
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