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A King who loves 'Shiritori'
Shoko Nakamura
Illustrated by Koshiro Hata

"Churripu (Tulip) Series" age:3-4
27.9 X 20.7 cm 24pages
First printed in March 2001

Shiritori is a kind of word-chain game. You can start the game, for example, with the word "tsuki (moon)" and then the other person continues with "kinoko (mushroom)" and you say "kotori (small bird)". Japanese children love this game. They often insist on continuing the game for very long time and make the grown-ups who play the game with them tired of it. You may have a game similar to Shiritori in your country.
Here is a king who loves Shiritori and wants to layout everything in the order of Shiritori. One day he orders his retainers to serve the dishes of meals in the order of Shiritori as well.
Starting with "sandoicchi (sandwich)", followed by "chikuwa (fish-sausage)" and "wakame (sea weed)"... And the mandatory thing is that the meal must finish with the king's favorite sweet, "purin (pudding)". Imagine the hectic kitchen, where the king's cooks are working in confusion to satisfy the king. Do you have any good idea to help the cooks?

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 Yaeko Takami

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