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"Gyuu-gyuu" Family
Shoichi Nejime
Illustrated by Nobuko Tsuchida

"Himawari(Sunflower) Series" age:4-5
21.3 X 26.3 cm 28pages
First printed in October 2001

What you think is "Gyuu-Gyuu"? It represents a state where many people are together in a small place, contacting each other tightly. It seems uncomfortable, isn't it? Let's take a look at a gyu-gyu family, of a friend of mine Toshio.
The family is running a small greengrocery. His mother says hello to me, his uncle and father are putting the vegetables on the shelves, his brother and grandfather are calling on the customers to buy, his cat is lying down on the floor doing nothing, his grandmother is in charge of the cash register, his aunt is taking care of his little sister and the aunt's own baby, his sister is just coming home from school. Can you count how many people are in this small shop? One, two, three...eleven. Eleven? Somebody is missing. Oh, where is Toshio? I'm here to see and play with him. He must be somewhere in this shop. Will you look for him with me?

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Emiko Ohashi
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 Yaeko Takami

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Where are you?

Jiro Morohara

A boy and animals play hide and seek.Wow! There are many abbits...... Can you find a real one?
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