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A Song of Putting on Clothes
Written by Masako Kannari
Illustrated by Sizuko Wakayama

"Tanpopo (Dandelion) Series" age:2-3
21.3 X 22.6 cm 24pages
First printed in September 1998

Everytime Dai-chan puts on his shirt, he finds some buttons left or lacking. "Well, I teach you a good song!
Sing this song in fixing buttons, and you can do it well" says his mama and sing, "The first button comes from the first window and says hello.
The second one shows its face from the second buttonhole and says how you are?" Children finally become quite happy when Dai-chan succeed in putting on their shirt completely, fixing each buttons and wearing on their socks and shoes by himself as their own experiences.
Enjoy the unique and vivid artwork, and share the joy.

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 Yaeko Takami

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